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YourSales sells for SaaS companies in the largest markets worldwide.

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Your Sales

Your Sales

Global HQ:


  • 9 years experience
  • 10 Employees
  • 15 Country Served
The way organizations buy is changing rapidly. As a consequence Sales too is changing - to mirror potential clients’ evolving decision making process. It’s been a long time coming, and it appears that the old way of selling is now gone for good. YourSales provides sales services that are culturally current and abreast of emerging market changes. Our network of 1k+ sales professionals spans worldwide, providing access to clients through seasoned sales reps with intimate knowledge of core markets, cultural nuances, and expertise in technology/SaaS industry trends.
YourSales is one of the region's most experienced firms offering outsourced business development services. | Revenew.

Countries Served

South Korea
United States
United Kingdom
European Union
New Zealand



Our Work


Your Sales

Conversation Generation

Versatile, experienced, and low-risk enterprise sales lead generation.

Dedicated Sales Pros

Dedicated sales team delivering flexible revenue growth and hugely reduced time to market.

Sales Operations

Your tailored optimal sales process and sales tech for your unique offering.

Industry Expertise



Notable Clients

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Market Research

As YourSales partner, we assess target markets with thorough research, analyzing core trends to build a bespoke approach for your project.

B2B Lead Generation

Once we've done our research and built our go to market plan, we'll build a curated lead list for our sales team to engage through a variety of sales tools and automation solutions.

Appointment Setting

Our outbound sales network is made up of 1k+ qualified reps, all across the world. Once we select the best suited SDRs for your business, they'll contact your prospects through a variety of sales methods and technology tools, leveraging a combination of automation and the human touch.
Once your leads are ready to further engage your business, our reps will schedule sales calls with your own AEs. We're committed to scheduling at least 35 sales calls per quarter, and won't stop until we do.

Outsourced Sales Team

Our network of 1k+ sales reps includes a mix of Account Executives (AEs) and Account Directors (ADs). We'll assign the appropriate seniority based on your needs, and represent your brand in market, selling through the entire funnel to help you grow revenues in your target markets.

Sales Consulting

You've got a sales team, and need help scaling, automating, and streamlining efficiencies. YourSales can help you review and improve your entire sales structure and practice, from start to finish. As experts in Technology sales, we'll help you assess team, processes, and tools to maximize impact at minimal resourcing.

Team & Recognition


Jakob Thusgaard 


Jakob has more than 7 years experience in sales and business development area. He has proved a good track record in driving revenue in companies he works in. It makes him excel in accelerating sales for companies across countries.

Honors & Awards


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YourSales sells for SaaS companies in the largest markets worldwide.

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