Outsourced sales and marketing from Yoorop is the fastest and most flexible way to generate demand and scale without having to hire costly resources internally.​

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Global HQ:

United Kingdom

  • 3 years experience
  • 2 Country Served
Take nearly any successful North American tech company and you’ll find that on average at least 30 percent of its revenue comes from international markets, usually led by Europe. Reaching this threshold prior to an IPO is a signal to investors that your business has traction outside of the U.S. and is well-positioned to continue to grow globally. ​ When it’s time to international expansion, Europe remains the first and best choice for most US based companies. The maturity of Europe’s economies, the similarity of its consumers and businesses to the U.S., the stability of its legal systems, and its respect for intellectual property rights all combine to make it the top option. We specialize in helping our customers build and execute successful sales strategies through our sales process and salesforce.

Countries Served

United Kingdom
European Union



Our Work




We are expert leaders in complex solution selling and Customer Acquisition. You can talk to people who know, who have done it and know what it’s like.


Enablement process to deliver corporate goals and ultimately make the numbers. We work with you to define the Adequate Go to Market strategy and blue print the path to success.


Sales results = Quality of the plan X Effectiveness of sales execution Because every day execution will make the difference, we are committed to work hard, developing our team members to be better at what they do and hold them accountable to effectively executing the plan.

Industry Expertise





Notable Clients

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Outsourced Sales Team

Acknowledging that Europe fits your product but do not know how to penetrate the market? Our outsourced sales team will handle the whole sales process for you. We are a team consisting of sales and marketing experts, that will help you enter and accelerate throughout European markets.

Appointment Setting

We know European markets. Our team of researchers, SDRs, and digital sales experts will assemble customize lead lists and engage your prospects to the point of interest. Once they're ready to talk, we'll schedule sales calls for your team to manage and close.

Sales Consulting

Our Advisory Services help you ensure that your organization is primed for growth, operating efficiently, and set up for success in challenging and competitive market environments.

Team & Recognition


Franocis STOOP

Founder and Operating Partner

Francois is a very much sales and strategy kind of person. He has excellent track records in developing sales for many companies in different verticals. Francois excels in sales related to retail and fashion, manufacturing, automotive, finance, and petrochemicals.

Dave Everett

Sales Development Representative

As a sales development representative, Dave completely acs to help accelerating sales in your company.

Honors & Awards


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Outsourced sales and marketing from Yoorop is the fastest and most flexible way to generate demand and scale without having to hire costly resources internally.​

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