Whether you are looking for a network of warm and qualified sales leads to put in your pipeline – or a network of experienced IT staff to outsource, we are the answer you need

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Global HQ:

United States

  • 20 years experience
  • 600 Employees
  • 7 Country Served
VSynergize is a Global Sales and Marketing services provider. The team is fully devoted to the success of its clients and partners, particularly when it comes to Customer Profiling, Content Creation & Syndication, Lead Generation & Nurturing, Demand Generation, Appointment Setting, BANT Leads, Delivering Demo's to Closing The Deal by getting the dotted line signed. Uniquely inspired through our idea of creating synergies with our clients and partners, VSynergize boosts your sales and marketing team efforts to reach their targets. To deliver the best #CX to our clients, we have acquired in-depth knowledge of various marketing techniques, best practices & tools, built efficient human capital and undertake an optimistic approach that empowers us to always hit the bull’s eye. Our team of 700+ professionals generate over 18000+ Marketing and Sales Qualified leads for our global clients across industries.

Countries Served

United States
European Union



Our Work



Client-centric Approach

At VSynergize, we do more than just lead generation and Demand Generation solutions. We are also your partner in growth and are always ready to craft a strategy that is in line with your needs and focused on your goals. Whether you are looking for a network of warm and qualified sales leads to put in your pipeline – or a network of experienced IT staff to outsource, we are the answer you need.

Quality As A Priority

We help you identify your target user personas and qualify each lead individually guaranteeing that the right audience is driven to your business with high intent

Efficient Methodology

Each service that we offer at VSynergize adopts a smart marketing technology and goes in line with the latest trends. All that results in a proven prospecting process and guaranteed scalability and growth on your end.

Industry Expertise





Notable Clients

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Market Research

In order to target the right market, you need to exactly understand about their behaviour and match it with your qualification. Our in depth surveys help you understand where the prospect is in their buyer journey so your sales team can build the best strategy to approach them.

B2B Lead Generation

We deliver deeply researched role-based contacts who are decision-makers for specific functions; verified and deliverable contacts. Our team will curate high-quality B2B prospect global B2B data in real-time, and source 100% accurate and phone verified, custom-built double opt-in data that helps generate the desired ROI on all your Marketing and Sales campaign activities.

Appointment Setting

Appointment setters are usually the first impression between a prospect and the company trying to make a sale. Appointment setting is the crucial point which is necessary for creating a sales opportunity. It is setting up an appointment for communication for a salesperson with prospective customers which could turn into a successful deal.

Data Append and Cleaning Services

With a clean database & data cleaning services, you not only create better customer engagement, maximizes customer retention but also optimizes overall marketing performance and results. It may be email marketing, telemarketing, or direct mailing, only complete and accurate customer data brings results in numbers and reduces unnecessary expenses.

Account Based Marketing

Our expertise lies in the fact that we have a full fledged demand generation team that has been working with various brands for over 18 years now. We have amassed a wealth of knowledge of how best Account-Based Marketing practices and software can be handled well and what needs to be done to see it successful. We can merge with various businesses and locations, which makes VSynergize one of the best in sales acceleration and as an Account-Based Marketing firm.

Email Marketing

We're a top rated B2B Email Marketing Agency, focuses on email marketing as the main contributor to lead generation, building up email marketing campaigns to get you the revenue you expect. We help you level up your marketing and start getting actual responses from your emails.

Event Marketing

VSynergize employs the best Event planners & marketing strategy who takes an integrated approach to drive high-quality, high-volume attendees to a range of events that produce measurable results. These include Conferences, Seminars, Forums, Webinars, Virtual Events, Live Streaming Events, Trade Shows, Exhibitions and Workshops, both paid and free to attend.

Team & Recognition


Uday P Mishra

Deputy General Manager

Uday has more than 5 years in handling sales, business development, and customer service. Those experiences make him excel in managing day to day operation in Vsynergize. His responsibilities revolve around building strategies and overseeing the communication with key vendors.

Dhiraj Agarwal 


Equipped with knowledge on business administration, Dhiraj believes in making clients grow, optimize processes through automation and promote positive organizational change. He has brought Vsynergize recognized as a leader in process automation, customer acquisition, customer support, working with businesses of all sizes.

Honors & Awards


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Whether you are looking for a network of warm and qualified sales leads to put in your pipeline – or a network of experienced IT staff to outsource, we are the answer you need

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