Spire Research and Consulting

Spire is committed to the highest levels of professionalism and integrity, building robust long-term relationship with our clients and providing bespoke client-focused solutions.

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Spire Research and Consulting

Spire Research and Consulting

Global HQ:


  • 21 years experience
  • 100 Employees
  • 10 Country Served
Spire Research and Consulting was founded by our Directors, who collectively enjoy over 60 years of working experience in market research, consulting and related fields in the Asia-Pacific region. The vision of its founders was to establish a world-class provider of customized business environment research to support strategic decision-making around Market Growth and Entry problems. To date, we have delivered over 2,500 market research and consulting projects for over 50 Global Fortune 1000 companies and numerous Government agencies across a wide range of industries. Motivated by our passion for world-class strategic research, Spire has developed seven full-service offices in the Asia-Pacific region and the United States. Our local research capabilities span 18 Asia-Pacific countries as well as the emerging market regions of Russia, Latin America and the Middle East.

Countries Served

South Korea
United States



Our Work


Spire Research and Consulting

Client-focused Solutions

Spire's core capabilities lie in researching the external environment that conditions their client’s business performance. Not only does Spire deliver conventional types of customer and industry research, they also provide “meta-research” and knowledge management, enabling their clients to better manage and analyze their existing data.

Professional Expertise

Spire offers professional expertise and a deep wealth of knowledge about holistic, strategic research. Spire's expertise is used to create customized research that supports their clients in the areas of marketing, sales, business development and profit improvement.

Experienced in Multi Sectors

Spire Research and Consulting has undertaken over 1000 projects across 100 Asia Pacific countries as well as the emerging market regions of Russia, the Middle East and Latin America. The experience spans over 12 industry sectors as well as a broad range of projects from general market growth and market entry studies to customer, competitor, channel and pricing research.

Industry Expertise


Food & Beverages

Energy & Utilities



Consumer Goods

Administration & Non-Profit


Materials & Resources


Notable Clients

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Market Research

Spire watches and analyses the evolving business landscape by keeping track of changing industry trends. Our research reports, business plans and market strategies are designed to help our clients maximise profits strategically. Spire has experience in providing services to both the private and public sector clients.

Appointment Setting

We believe in establishing long term business relationships. Through our business partner evaluation services, we identify the right prospects, engage and nurture to the point of interest, and then schedule sales calls with your sales team to close.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Go-To-Market strategy provides customized solutions to optimize and improve business outcomes. It also ensures profitable growth and market share gains. In spite of an ever changing market space and challenging environment, Spire believes that delivering a sustainable yet profitable business is achievable through go-to-market optimization.

Public Policy

Spire crafts carefully tailored research projects and provided consultancy in the areas of Policy Research, Government Relations and National Export Strategy to clients in the public sector in America, across Asia-Pacific, as well as for regional bodies in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Reputation Management

Spire creates viable studies for our clients in Reputation Management dispenses valuable advice on Brand Protection, Corporate Social Responsibility as well as Thought Leadership Consulting.

Implementation Strategy

Strategy implementation plays an important role in the company’s success, as it is the technique through which it develops, utilises and integrates its structure, culture, resources, people and control system to follow the strategies to have the edge over its competitors in the market. Spire creates realistic and executable plan of action and activities to steer our clients in the right direction and help them accomplish long-term goals.

Team & Recognition


Jeffrey Bahar

Deputy CEO

Jeff is overseeing operation, group-wide strategic initiatives and partnerships of Spire. He is personally responsible for maintaining and developing client-business relationships with Spire's Fortune 500 Clients. Jeff is the clients’ main point of contact that guides them all the way through the entire process; from understanding the issue and developing a project based off of their unique needs, all the way to the final presentation of the research and post-project follow-up.

Indah Muliana


Indah is an Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the market research industry. Skilled in Feasibility Studies, Market Research, Advertising Research, Competitive Intelligence, and Market Sizing. She has strong professional with a Bachelor of Computer Science (B.Sc.) focused in Computer Science from Inti College Indonesia.

Windy Pradipta

Business Development Manager

Windy is someone who is very goal-orientated, have an opportunity to use her technical skills & experiences in different capacity. She is responsible in developing qualified pipeline, commercial strategy each account. She proposes all information required to client, supports and monitors on going research project, and constructs proposal to clients based on their needs.

Honors & Awards

2013 -

Telkom Supplier Award - Third Best Consultant Category

Telkom Indonesia

Telkom Supplier Award - Second Best Consultant Category

Telkom Indonesia


Ole Schanke Eikum

Commercial Counselor / Director, Innovation Norway
Spire has been able to provide an easy but thorough introduction to a big and complex market and with relevant and well-founded recommendations.

Rahul Gupta

Former Chief Marketing & CRM Officer, GE Money, Singapore
We have been very happy with the work done by Spire Research and Consulting in supporting the launch of the ezyCaash brand. The research analysis and mapping gave us keen insights to the market, thereby enabling us to make a successful entry into the Singapore market

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Spire is committed to the highest levels of professionalism and integrity, building robust long-term relationship with our clients and providing bespoke client-focused solutions.

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