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We're your trusted local arm right here in Southeast Asia. Our team will help you validate and activate new markets, building qualified leads and scaling revenues all across the region.

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Source of Asia

Source of Asia

Global HQ:


  • 14 years experience
  • 45 Employees
  • 7 Country Served
Way beyond a simple consulting firm, Source of Asia is an international business accelerator for corporations and entrepreneurs willing to embrace the dynamics of the region. Leveraging on our deep local expertise, we pro-actively enable you to explore new markets, operate, and grow business in Vietnam, across ASEAN, and further afield.

Countries Served




Our Work


Source of Asia

Strong Local Presence

Source of Asia's team of more than 45 people is specialised in International Business Development in Southeast Asian markets. They can help you overcome the cultural gap to set up and maintain balanced partnerships.

Extensive Experience

Source of Asia's extensive experience is today their main asset to implement your project in the specific environment of emerging countries. With our 15-year on-site experience, they are surrounded themselves with a wide network of experts, suppliers, distributors, and high level connections.

International Networks

Source of Asia is part of several famous international networks and have successfully accompanied more than 300 companies in the past five years.

Industry Expertise

Consumer Goods

Food & Beverages


Materials & Resources

Notable Clients

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Market Research

Source of Asia conduct a variety of research to help you accurately assess your opportunity. From competition monitoring, to product and selling price positioning, sales and channel analysis, and logistics/customs/and registration analysis.

Appointment Setting

The team will help you from setup to sale. Starting with identifying and qualifying commercial partners, engagement, sales network setup, and even contract negotiation.

Team & Recognition


Thierry Mermet


French man nowadays based in Saigon. Thierry had the chance to live, work and develop knowledge and network all over the world, before finally establishing in Vietnam more than 20 years ago. Thierry Co-founded Source Of Asia in 2008 with the objective of supporting foreign companies in Vietnam.

Benjamin Meriau


French based in Vietnam for more than 15 years. It was with the same enthusiasm that I co-founded Source Of Asia in 2008, with the main objective of supporting foreign companies to establish their business activities and develop them in Vietnam

Damien Bazin

Director of Market Expansion & Corporate Services

Damien has more than 4 years experience in business development world. With that experiences, he is good in handling the needs to develop your business and stuff regarding corporate services.

Honors & Awards


Guillaume Bages

Executive International Director
Their French-Vietnamese team helped us to better understand the market, position our products and select the right distributor with whom we signed a nationwide agreement. The first orders were delivered after just one year of collaboration.

Delphine Rousselet

Source of Asia is our partner of choice to organize meetings between Vietnamese actors and European companies attending our fairs. Thanks to their professionalism and their excellent knowledge of the market and local networks, their team helped us setting up top-quality business meetings.

Paul Laverdure

SOA helped us better understand the market & we had the chance to meet key players within our space while sharpening our tools & services for the local market. The operational expertise of SOA's team was beneficial for us in order to identify the high potential of the market & outline an action plan.

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We're your trusted local arm right here in Southeast Asia. Our team will help you validate and activate new markets, building qualified leads and scaling revenues all across the region.

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