PT. Adhyata Sejahtera Indonesia

We are here to advise and assist you to grow your business internationally and enable the easy way of making global business collaboration with your future business partners all around the world!

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PT. Adhyata Sejahtera Indonesia

PT. Adhyata Sejahtera Indonesia

Global HQ:


  • 2 years experience
  • 12 Employees
  • 2 Country Served
Adhyata Sejahtera Indonesia provides assistance ranging from market entry to business development, they will be your partner for growth in Asia.

Countries Served




Our Work


PT. Adhyata Sejahtera Indonesia

Building Great Networks

Adhyata Sejahtera Indonesia showcases Indonesian products to access international market and connect the International buyers to local small medium enterprise in Indonesia that have ready to export.

100% Support for Local Products

Adhyata Sejahtera Indonesia's aim is to promote Indonesian products especially Small Medium Enterprise (SMEs) and support them in their needs to explore the potential trade opportunities in international market.

Industry Expertise

Consumer Goods


Notable Clients

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Market Research

We help you to understand and analyse the potential existing market and products, customers, barriers, competitors, etc. Our dedicated team with strong skills focusing on specific sectors will assist and advice your organization to understand the market studies and the “real” business opportunities after-market validation processes.

Appointment Setting

  • We support the Indonesian companies at every step with strategic business planning, identify, mapping and engage with international partners that have strong need or desire for your product or service.
  • Market visit enables you to maximize foreign market opportunities which you plan to trade. Visiting your target market will give your ability to witness and help you to validate the market opportunities through business forum, workshop, conferences, delegations, etc

Coaching Program

We offer specific coaching program in all sectors including product development, planning, pricing, standards, licensing, certifications, marketing strategy, deal with buyers, market access requirement, etc.

Team & Recognition


Alvius Darma

Director of International Trade

Armed with extensive experiences in the field of international business and finance, Alvius is an expert of the characteristics of Asia markets and has helped many local brands go to international markets.

Ezell Josephat

Global Market Entry & General Operational Officer

Graduated from business school, Ezell is well-equipped with knowledge on how to manage international business operations. He has experienced managing international cooperation more than 1 year and continue to assist business to grow.

Honors & Awards


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We are here to advise and assist you to grow your business internationally and enable the easy way of making global business collaboration with your future business partners all around the world!

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