We are your extended team, helping you orchestrate impactful customer experiences through impeccable marketing operations.

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Global HQ:


  • 3 years experience
  • 10 Employees
  • 12 Country Served
Since we started operations in 2018, we have helped several B2B Startups and SMEs implement impactful sales & marketing strategies. We have worked with businesses across various sectors including SaaS, Business Services, Banking/Financial Services, Data Processing & Hosting, Electronics, Marketing Services, and Technology/Software. We firmly believe that aligning an organization’s marketing activities to its top-level objectives and measuring attribution is critical to producing outcomes that drive the bottom line. This is why, with 30+ years’ cumulative experience, our marketing automation experts help teams implement successful marketing strategies by handling their marketing operations to bridge the gap between strategy and results.

Countries Served

United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand
Sri Lanka



Our Work



Certified Solutions Provider

Leadlytics is skilled at HubSpot implementation and are a part of the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program. It shows their credibility in assisting clients to scale-up their leads conversion.

Automation Process

Companies that automate lead nurturing see a 10% or more bump in revenue within 6-9 months. That's why Leadlytics comes in. Implementing any successful marketing strategy requires efficient marketing operations, they are backed by a fully functional marketing automation platform and let you measure results.


Leadlytics helps you cut through the clutter, driving informed, high-performance marketing tactics to yield exciting results that drive revenue.

Industry Expertise



Media & Entertainment

Notable Clients

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B2B Lead Generation

With an extensive research and data assembly team, Leadlytics will help you identify and qualify target prospects based on your requirements - industry, company size, job function, seniority, and more. They will power your sales team with as many leads as you'd like to collect.

Appointment Setting

As marketing automation specialists, Leadlytics are well positioned to engage your target audiences at scale, and effectively. They'll build marketing and sales strategies to help you reach customers, partners, resellers, manufactures, and more. Once those leads are engaged and qualified, they'll pass them to your sales team for nurturing and direct sales.

Marketing Automation

Leadlytics elevate your marketing efforts with their proven strategies and and marketing automation platform that simplifies your actions and give better measurable results.

Marketing Maturity Audit

The Leadlytics team provides detailed and actionable steps to improve your marketing strategies so that you optimize your marketing platform fully. They first understand your marketing goals, curretn status, and then identify gaps that can be improved to help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

Customized Buyer Journey

Leadlytics can help you refine your customer engagement by creating targetted workflows so that every customer feels understood. They help tailor messages on website, blogs, or ads to your target audience.

Lead Lifecycle & Scoring

Leadlytics automates your lead qualification processes to better identify the Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) so that there is greater alignment between your marketing and sales team. This helps in your lead scoring and tracking of lead lifecycle.

Tracking, Reporting & Attribution

Leadlytics assists your marketing team and operations to understand data and which channels generate the most and least opportunities. Through this they help to elevate and efficiency of your marketing campaigns and track a host of KPIs to understand what works and what needs to be improved.

Data Cleansing

Leadlytics' Data Research team will help in the cleaning and updating of your system's record to avoid any missing or outdated information. This reduces misalignment in your marketing and sales team when reading data.

Team & Recognition


Nithin Sam Oommen


Nithin is an avid visionary and executor of human and technology hybrid models of the data realm, leading teams with business acumen and empathy. He is a data industry leader, with extensive experience helping organisations powered by data grow and thrive.

Nibil M S

VP of Operations

A techno-functional professional who started his career as the first employee of Profoundis, Nibil joined Leadlytics in 2018. He is a HubSpot Implementation specialist with ten plus certifications that testify to his expertise.

Honors & Awards


Kannan Udayarajan

We had no visibilty on the ROI of our marketing efforts and to have a fulltime in-house Marketing Ops team was too expensive for us. Leadlytics made is super easy for us. They have amazing customer service as well.

Matt Benati

The Leadlytics professionals are easy to work with and true experts in engaging best fit accounts. Their B2B account-based marketing strategies were exceptional in generating more top of the funnel leads for our business.

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We are your extended team, helping you orchestrate impactful customer experiences through impeccable marketing operations.

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