We specialize in helping international brands effectively enter some of the most complex markets on the planet - Northeast Asia.

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Global HQ:

United Kingdom

  • 31 years experience
  • 110 Employees
  • 4 Country Served
Intralink is an international business development consultancy with a deep specialism in East Asia. We help western companies expand in East Asia, and Asian companies collaborate with western innovators. We're different because we don’t just develop the right strategy for you. Our in-country specialists will play a hands-on role in building your business. They'll identify your opportunities, secure sales and partnerships and drive your business growth. They're multi-lingual and immersed in the business practices, cultures and customs of their local markets. We focus on the automotive, energy, healthcare, telecoms & other high-growth sectors, with clients ranging from start-ups to multinationals to government agencies.
Intralink offers outsourced business development and sales services | Revenew

Countries Served

South Korea


Chinese (Mandarin)

Our Work



**30+ Years in East Asia**

Through decades of bringing innovative western technologies to East Asia’s largest corporations, we now have an unrivalled network of over 90,000 decision-makers at our fingertips.

**800+ Companies Supported**

We’ve delivered hundreds of business development initiatives in the region: from helping newcomers take their first steps, to boosting experienced international organisations; and from delivering stand-alone opportunity assessment projects to running long-term surrogate sales programs.

**$400M+ Revenues Generated**

Acting as our clients’ on-the-ground commercial team in East Asia, we’ve closed licensing deals and forged strategic partnerships worth millions of dollars. For example: we helped a Finnish indoor location startup close a multi-million-dollar deal with Yahoo! Japan, and a UK fuel cell company sign a $60M joint development agreement with Doosan.

Industry Expertise

Energy & Utilities

Media & Entertainment



Materials & Resources

Administration & Non-Profit



Notable Clients

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Market Research

Our Research & Strategy service, delivered through our team of Asia-based market specialists, will analyse your opportunity and assess your options. Our people have the knowledge, experience and networks to swiftly determine whether your product is right for the market - and, if so, what your optimal strategy should be - or what policies you should implement to grow your exports or attract more inward investment. We combine desk research and meetings with influential stakeholders to generate the information you need to plan your expansion programme.

Outsourced Sales Team

Our three-stage Surrogate Sales Program™, delivered by our teams based across East Asia, will give you an immediate market presence without the up-front costs of opening your own operation.

  • Firstly, we’ll do the research to validate your commercial opportunity. Next, we’ll implement an effective sales strategy – generating leads and winning your first deals for you.
  • Then, when you’re ready, we can help you establish a long-term presence, such as your own subsidiary or a local partnership.

The current COVID-19 travel restrictions are no barrier to our sales activities because our people are based in Asia and so able to meet your target customers and partners, where necessary bringing you in via video conference to cement the deals.

Open Innovation

If you’re an Asia-based multinational looking to grow your open innovation program, Intralink can connect you to the best innovators around the world, from startups and scaleups, to universities and R&D institutes. We can help you outsource, qualify and engage the best technology pioneers who can support you in building disruptive business models.

Supply Chain

Intralink helps to establish and manage your supply chain in Asia by outsourcing, qualifying, and onboarding local suppliers and partners. They act as an extension of your team to handle daily communications and develop solutions to issues, so as to grow your business on the ground for you.

Economic Development

Intralink can provide economic development organisations (EDOs) with teams on the ground in Asia’s leading economies. We help EDOs secure foreign direct investment from Asia and boost their local companies’ exports in the region. We also provide specialist, multi-lingual support for VIP missions, trade shows and matchmaking events.

Capital Sourcing and M&A

Intralink can help you identify potential investors in Asia. We can support you through the evaluation and due diligence stages, right the way through to final deal closure. We can also help you identify acquisition targets in Asia or look for buyers for your business.

Team & Recognition


James Lawson


Over 20 years James has built Intralink into a specialist organisation delivering results for industrial, consumer and technology focused companies in four of the most important economies in Asia - China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. James had more than 8 years as a trade advisor for British Gov.

Gregory Sutch


Gregory has more than 8 years experience in handling companies to expand to growing markets. Currently, he manages of 80 full-time employees across seven offices in East Asia, Europe and the United States. Gregory is excellent in identifying market opportunities and drive client's business growth.

Honors & Awards


The Winner of Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Royal Warrant

President’s E-Award for Export Service



Rubén Bonet

President & CEO, Fractus
Intralink played a fundamental role in our licensing activities in Japan, where we successfully concluded licensing agreements with major corporations. Intralink market insights, senior relationships and professionalism through all the process were key factors for our success

Glenn Granger

CEO, Marketing QED
Intralink’s understanding of the market and ability to bridge the linguistic and cultural gap was a critical ingredient for us to expand into Asia. The warmth and commitment of the team has made this an easy and enjoyable project and we are delighted with the result.

Chris Potts

Chairman, Guralp
Thanks to you and the rest of the Intralink team for enabling us to find the best distributor in Korea – and for all your advice on achieving a smooth transition to them. It’s been invaluable to be able to tap into your expertise in the Korean market.

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We specialize in helping international brands effectively enter some of the most complex markets on the planet - Northeast Asia.

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