European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines

The ECCP as the stepping stone for European businesses to enter the Philippines, and for Filipino businesses to expand into European markets.

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European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines

European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines

Global HQ:


  • 57 years experience
  • 25 Employees
  • 5 Country Served
The European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) is a service-oriented organisation whose main goal is to foster close economic ties and business relations between the Philippines and Europe. The ECCP does this by providing a wide range of business services and by creating linkages between companies, organisations and individuals with existing or potential business interests in Europe and the Philippines.

Countries Served

United Kingdom
European Union



Our Work


European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines

Business Opportunities

Through its strong relationship with the government, the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines is able to support member companies by facilitating market access and working on the creation of a level playing field for both European and Filipino companies alike.

Competency Hub

ECCP believes that human capital is one of the most important components of a successful business model. It is in this framework that the ECCP has created the ECCP Competency Hub in order to further aid the paradigm shift in viewing training as a crucial investment rather than just another expense.

Connectivity and Network

Discuss, connect and engage with the European - Philippines business community through ECCP managed events.

Industry Expertise


Consumer Goods



Notable Clients

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Market Research

The ECCP will help with market research and analysis to understand the business environment within your target market(s), assessing the competitive landscape, consumer preferences, and estimations on product market fit for your business.

B2B Lead Generation

The ECCP will help with lead generation through their database and methodology to provide you a list of your desired target clients and/or suppliers. They will provide you with the name of the company, office address, telephone number, name of your prospect, website, and their email address if it is available.

Appointment Setting

Taking one step further from just generating a list of suitable prospective leads, the ECCP will help to follow up and nurture these leads until they have shown interest in your product or service. Thereafter, the ECCP will set an appointment for your sales representative to engage and close the deal.

Corporate services

Various services, like office space, logistics, and even personnel to a foreign company requesting ECCP to manage their operation in the country."

Team & Recognition


Florian Gottein

Executive Director

Equipped with extensive experiences in international business, Florian has served ECCP for more than 8 years. His international exposure experiences make him good at building worldwide networks for the good result in every project.

Gerry Constantino

Vice President for Operations

Gerry has served ECCP for more than 20 years. During his tenure up to now, he has managed various projects. It makes him excel in handling international business projects.

Honors & Awards


Lars Siggaard Andersen

The integrity, the back up, express communication, top class service, intelligent support and in between meetings helpful advice and comments on the people and companies met.

Alexander Tvarovsky

Trading Department
Operational work on the market, the ability to find the right people, always fast feedback and always the full amount of necessary information.

Niall Keegan

Director & Asia Business Development
Well organized, full schedule of meetings with relevant people in our industry.

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The ECCP as the stepping stone for European businesses to enter the Philippines, and for Filipino businesses to expand into European markets.

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