Double M Indonesia

Through our deep understanding of the Asian market and the big opportunities this brings, we deliver commitment and security to our clients to grow successful businesses.

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Double M Indonesia

Double M Indonesia

Global HQ:


  • 8 years experience
  • 60 Employees
  • 7 Country Served
DUBLE M is more than just a consultant but a trusted partner for companies that want to expand their businesses in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. With a main focus on customer-oriented services, DOUBLE M provides holistic solutions, offering expert advisory in research, legal, human resources, sales and administrative fields related to market entry.

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Double M Indonesia

One Stop Solution Provider

Handle all your official documents, taxes, licenses, bureaucracy and official documents with only one partner. Save money and time by using only one services provider.

Charge Flat Fees

Double M Indonesia prices are all included and they always tell you upfront. They will never surprise you with “hidden” costs.

Your Project is The Priority

From the beginning until the finalization of our services, they always keep you updated with the status.

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Consumer Goods

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Market Research

Double M Indonesia will conduct market research and provide you with a customized report with relevant information about your target market.

Appointment Setting

A specialized sales team will prospect and qualify leads with your target customers, scheduling calls for your sales reps to close.

Outsourced Sales Team

hire a team of sales experts who act as an extension of your team, in you new target market. This team will help to qualify leads, nurture, convert, and can even service the customer post sale

Team & Recognition


Manuel Alborés Cabo

Founder and Chairman

As an entrepreneur and international trade & investment expert, Manuel has helped Spanish companies succeed in the Indonesian market for more than 10 years. His strong local network, capabilities in business planning, regulatory compliance, distribution, & general management have helped his clients.

Marc Alonso

President Director

Entrepreneur and market entry consultant with more than 10 years of experience in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. He has guided more than 100 companies to develop their businesses successfully in the region. Marc has also proved his market knowledge by launching successfully 5 start-ups in the last 6 years in Indonesia and Vietnam.

Manuel Menéndez

Director at Double M Vietnam

Entrepreneur and market entry consultant with more than 10 years of experience. Having developed his career in Europe, Africa, North America, Australia and Asia. Manuel has supported companies to enter and do business in 5 different continents. His experience gives him a multi-sectoral background and expertise in internationalisation process. He has achieved a significant presence and sales in Vietnam and the Asia-Pacific region.

Honors & Awards


Rodrigo Gallego Abad

International Business Development
From La Liga in Indonesia, we have worked and collaborated on various official projects and procedures with Double M. The result has always been the same: professionalism, speed and excellent execution. At Double M they are always available and ready to help without obligation. It is convenient to have close partners with such extensive knowledge of the local market.

Henrique Castro

Country Manager Indonesia
When I joined NES Global Talent in Indonesia we were already working with a regional vendor to advise on local payroll and tax matters. We were however in search of a more efficient payroll process, without compromising on compliance. Subsequently, we changed to DoubleM who introduced us to a completely new process which is much more sophisticated. In addition, DoubleM supports us on the rare occasions that there is a client query related to payroll or labor law, by allowing their specialists to join the meetings with our consultants.

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Through our deep understanding of the Asian market and the big opportunities this brings, we deliver commitment and security to our clients to grow successful businesses.

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