CloudTask Outsourced B2B Sales Teams are experts who seamlessly plug into your existing operation and help you grow your sales pipeline. We're also 24/7 and multilingual.

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Global HQ:

United States

  • 7 years experience
  • 120 Employees
  • 1 Country Served
CloudTask is a B2B Lead Generation company helping SaaS companies drive revenue growth through teams of sales development professionals. We combine technology, processes and first class talent to help you deliver results. With offices in Miami, Colombia, London, and the Philippines, we work 24/7 across multiple languages to ensure we smash your targets.

Countries Served

United States



Our Work



24/7 Services

We realise that your needs are uncertain in terms of time. Thus, we decided to make up our team to be ready whenever you need our help.

Great Combination

Scaling up your sales should be an efficient process. We will help you to achieve your target by combining technology, processes, and professionals.

Grow Your Pipeline

We source verified leads only with efficient process. So that we ensure it will grow your pipeline like never before.

Industry Expertise


Notable Clients

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B2B Lead Generation

Your sales engine is only ever as good as the targeting data that goes into it. That’s why we carry out an extensive audit of your target companies and personas using our market-leading data partners and proprietary target account list building techniques. This results in a laser-targeted lead pool which your/our sales specialists engage with, nurture and qualify.

Appointment Setting

CloudTask's Sales Development Representatives work with a target lead list or a client’s in-house lead pool, engaging with prospects, nurturing them and booking qualified meetings. They use a multi-channel approach that includes phone, chat, email, SMS, and social outreach to engage leads on the channel that is best for the client. We fill your pipeline with good-fit prospects most likely to become your customers, empowering your sales team to hit their revenue targets."

Team & Recognition


Amir Reiter 


Equipped with extensive experiences in sales for more than 8 years, Amir has brought CloudTask trusted by global companies in getting their sales work well done.

Julian Botero

Business Development Representative

Julian has taken several crouses regarding customer experience. It makes him well-knowledge on how to satisfy customers. He is responsible for working with a global team to qualify potential clients and obtain background information about prospects and their industry to increase the likelihood of obtaining qualified leads.

Lucia Ševčíková

Head of Partnerships

As head of partnerships, Lucia's duties include engaging with new partners, exchanging ideas, inviting proposals to collaborate, managing requests from existing partners, and sticking to weekly and monthly check ins to make sure any wrinkles are ironed out and everything is running as it should be. Lucia is responsible in building strong and deep relationships with our key partners.

Honors & Awards


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CloudTask Outsourced B2B Sales Teams are experts who seamlessly plug into your existing operation and help you grow your sales pipeline. We're also 24/7 and multilingual.

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