Our mission is to create the best remote sales team in the world, who are driven not only by targets but by providing value and personalisation to every touchpoint.

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Global HQ:


  • 1 years experience
  • 17 Employees
  • 6 Country Served
BeeCore is B2B sales agency that specialises in helping businesses through lead generation services. We utilise a local voice that is created to help businesses thrive and grow during a time of uncertainty. Over the years, the sales industry has become more robotic than ever before. We are challenging that norm by adding a human touch and more personalised interactions.

Countries Served

United Kingdom
United States



Our Work



30x ROI

BeeCore's average customer sees a 30x ROI on their first month's campaign. But this number depends on your average sales cycle.

60% Open Rates

BeeCore's rates when customers activate their RoboHuman campaign with us is 60%.

£500,000 in New Revenues

£500,000 is how much they help customers earn each year in new revenues.

Industry Expertise



Media & Entertainment



Notable Clients

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Appointment Setting

The Beecore team will start by doing research and creating a personalized, multi-channeled lead generation campaign. With that, they will make the outreach and nurture the lead until they are ready to talk to the appointment setter. Once the lead expresses an interest in your product or service, they will then set an appointment for your sales representative to close the deal.

B2B Lead Generation

BeeCore will create a lead generation strategy that will open doors in hard-to-open places. That means mapping the account’s ideal contacts, creating content that will deliver those contacts value, and delivering it to our leads across multiple channels personalised at every touch point.

Lead Generation with Ads

Beecore will help you with outbound lead generation by creating advertisements that will draw and attract the attention of your potential leads by optimizing ad campaigns.


Beecore helps you attract leads by inbound lead generation such as setting up your website, logo, design or animation."

Team & Recognition


Ben Bagg


BeeCore had started out as a part-time hustle on the side and became a full-fledged opportunity to start Ben's very own sales agency specialising in lead generation. Ben has more than 4 years experiences of working with various clients with different backgrounds.

Rina Ho

Customer Relationship Manager

Rina’s life pre-BeeCore is involved in bringing the joys of nature to homes with her job as an outdoor designer. Now, she manages customer relations for us. Rina is responsible for overseeing sales and product delivery.

Stephanie Boey

Marketing and Communications Manager

Armed with a career in publishing, Stephanie brings her analytical skills and flair for writing to BeeCore. Here, Stephanie assists in administrative duties specifically HR responsibilities while lending her creative side to the company’s branding and marketing strategies.

Honors & Awards


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Our mission is to create the best remote sales team in the world, who are driven not only by targets but by providing value and personalisation to every touchpoint.

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