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Our goal is to provide a one-stop-shop for software companies that wish to enter the Asia market and ensure that the process is seamless.

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Asia Market Entry

Asia Market Entry

Global HQ:


  • 5 years experience
  • 17 Employees
  • 14 Country Served
Asia Market Entry provides business services and enterprise software sales to small to medium sized international software companies that want to expand into the Asia Pacific region. At Asia Market Entry, we recognise that international software companies are often unable to relocate their own staff to the Asia region, do not want to setup a local office, or are simply not ready to fully commit to the region yet. We bridge that gap for our customers by helping prove the Asia market before they make a whole-scale investment in the region. We commit to providing our customers with the platform on which they can make the correct long-term decision about their Asia strategy. For the duration of our services, we provide our customers with a physical office presence, a Go-To-Market plan, a pipeline, a channel network, a local brand presence, and help close their first business in the region. When our customers are ready, we also manage local company registration and operational setup. We complete the process by helping to navigate the recruitment of local staff and ensuring a smooth handover to our customers’ own teams.

Countries Served

South Korea
Hong Kong
Sri Lanka


Chinese (Mandarin)

Our Work


Asia Market Entry


Asia Market Entry consultants have at least 20 years of software selling experience and been based in the Asia Pacific region for at least the last five years.

Extensive Networks

Asia Market Entry has an extensive network of independent third-party consultants across the industry to help accelerate growth. Their vast channel network consists of multi-national system integrators, a boutique consulting companies and value-added resellers, specifically focused on software and technology.

Tech Company Focus

Asia Market Entry prides themselves on their ability to help international software and technology companies focused on any industry to successfully expand into the Asia Pacific market.

Industry Expertise






Notable Clients

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Market Research

  • The team at Asia Market Entry will be able to provide you with a detailed Go-To-Market Plan after conducting quality analysis of the business environment, target customer, and channel partners in your target market.
  • We will provide an assessment on how your company could build a pipeline given the target market to help build sales and revenues. If you already have a Go-To-Market Plan, we will just review the document and make relevant recommendations and adjustments where necessary.

Outsourced Sales Team

  • Asia Market Entry has helped numerous mid sized technology businesses enter Asian markets through their services suite. The team provide a local enterprise sales staff and in-market representation in the APAC region.
  • They're BD solutions cover channel development, direct sales, account management, and marketing/localization support.

Team & Recognition


Steve Dawson

CEO & Founder

Steve has 20 years of experience working in a variety of project implementation and business development roles. in 2016, he set up Asia Market Entry, with a vision of creating a company focused on helping international technology companies build a footprint in the Asia Pacific.

James Kwa

Senior Business Development Advisor

James is a Singaporean who has lived and worked abroad in Australia since 2007. In 2017, James moved back to Singapore with Accenture where he worked with Fortune Global 500 Companies & Governments in the fields of System Technologies, Implementation, Strategic Planning, Project & Change Management.

Vishmi De Silva

Director of Government Relations & Strategic 

Vishmi has been based in Singapore for over 12 years, primarily working with SMEs, multinationals and government organisations who are scaling their presence across the Asia region. 

Honors & Awards


Jason Gleason

Eightwire began working with Asia Market Entry in late 2017 to help expand from New Zealand into Singapore and Southeast Asia. Going forward, Asia Market Entry will remain a key part of Eightwire's strategy for growth into Southeast Asia and beyond and have proven their value many times over.

Craig Gordon

Senior Vice President Worldwide Sales
Kollective Technologies has been working with Asia Market Entry since early 2016 and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. In the first six months of working with us Asia Market Entry enabled us to establish a strong presence across the Asia region as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Martin Schmid

Our story in entering the Asian market has been a remarkable one and a lot of that is down to the outsourced business development work that Asia Market Entry do for us on our behalf. In summary, and from a standing start, Asia Market Entry has helped us sign many new enterprise customers in Asia in our first year focused in Asia, and also helped us build an ecosystem of trusted reseller and implementation partners across the region. Additional to the business development activities, Asia Market Entry’s strategic advice has also painted a very clear picture of our specific market, allowing us to collaboratively write a Go-To-Market plan on which we will continue execute upon together. What we have been able to achieve this year has surpassed all our expectations, and we look forward to continue working with Asia Market Entry in the future.

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Our goal is to provide a one-stop-shop for software companies that wish to enter the Asia market and ensure that the process is seamless.

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