At Apeiron, we strongly believe that no two business are the same. With this as our core value, we always customize services based on the individual needs of a business.

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  • 3 years experience
  • 10 Employees
  • 1 Country Served
Apeiron Market Research & Consulting is premium Consultancy Company in Singapore that focuses on providing market research and intelligence reports. We assist our clients with several aspects of business, including Market Research, Feasibility Study, Consumer Behavior Analytics, Business Plan Development, Business Expansion and Business Consulting. Our reports provide actionable insights on market trends which facilitates effective business strategy implementation.

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 In-depth Understanding of the Asian Market

Apeiron has an in-depth knowledge and complete understanding of the Singapore and ASEAN market environment. Their expertise provides value added market intelligence and research services for both local and international clients.

Quality & Reliability

At Apeiron, they are committed in providing reliable and highly accurate data. They also have an excellent quality control system that validates the data collected and analyzed. The research conducted are tailored to the specific requirements of the client.

International Research Standard

Apeiron is a member of International Market Research Organization. They comply with international standards set by the governing associations and adapt the latest innovations in the industry, providing a highly professional service.

Industry Expertise

Administration & Non-Profit


Consumer Goods

Hospitality & Leisure

Notable Clients

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Market Research

Apeiron conducts comprehensive market research that can provide insights on the market conditions. Our team are made up of experts from various fields such as Market Research, Marketing, Brand Assessment, Statistical Data Analytics, Financial Analytics, Digital Analytics and content development who would help assess every aspect of the business. We'll help you determine optimal opportunities, and provide you with actionable insights on industries and markets in Singapore, which facilitates effective business strategy implementation.

Appointment Setting

Apeiron assists both international & local clients in identifying profitable business opportunities for expansion in Singapore and ASEAN countries. Our team has the capabilities to determine optimal opportunities and provide businesses with actionable insights on industries and market in Singapore which facilitates effective business strategy implementation.

B2B Lead Generation

With a skilled team of researchers, Apeiron will help you assemble a qualified list of prospects based on your unique business requirements.

Business Consulting

Apeiron provides strategic consulting for our clients, factoring the research and market intelligence data. This facilitates effective decision making process and accurate business strategy implementation. Business Consulting is an integrated service that we provide after carefully considering various factors. Talk to us to know more about our Business Consulting Services.

Business Planning

We have the capabilities to assist our clients in preparing business plans, develop business strategies and help forecast financials.Our Business Plan can provide a clear path to be taken for a period five years. It can also be designed to attract investors or fundraisers for your business idea."

Team & Recognition


Vignesh Shanmugam

Marketing and Operations Manager

Vignesh has more than 4 years experience in the researching field. During his work, he has various experiences in doing market research for different markets and industries. In Apeiron, Vignesh is responsible to look after all market research projects.

Honors & Awards


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At Apeiron, we strongly believe that no two business are the same. With this as our core value, we always customize services based on the individual needs of a business.

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