We help organizations extend their reach into Europe and the US by providing expert sales for tech companies.

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Global HQ:


  • 21 years experience
  • 130 Employees
  • 3 Country Served
Aexus makes technology and software companies successful. We assist fast-growing innovative technology and software companies in all aspects of the commercial process. From proposition development and go-to-market planning to inbound marketing and outbound sales. Aexus was established in 2000 and has a team of 100+ professionals. We have employees all across several European countries such as the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Arnhem & Eindhoven), Germany (Düsseldorf), the Czech Republic (Prague), Spain (Barcelona), the UK (Oxford) and the US (Fairfax, VA).

Countries Served

United States
United Kingdom
European Union



Our Work



Direct Touch Sales Activities

Aexus manages your business in Europe and the US during the first stages of your market penetration. Aexus will directly target end users and win reference customers for you. Besides, they can set up your distribution channel and establish relationships with strategic partners.

Minimised Risk

Aexus is working with its partners in the most flexible manner possible. By working with Aexus, you are able to “test” the market in the specified areas and wait with big, direct investments until your business is mature enough, thereby minimising your exposure to risk. 

Immediate Local Presence

Aexus has extensive experience in the European and American IT, tech, software and cloud industries. Their professionals have a broad network of personal contacts and know the corporate culture and background of various prospects.

Industry Expertise



Consumer Goods


Media & Entertainment

Notable Clients

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B2B Lead Generation

We help you to generate more leads and boost conversion by improving product development and technical optimisation. Our team will help with marketing and lead generation, to attract more leads.

Appointment Setting

Aexus executives have Strong Local Presence in the European and/or US technology, software, IT, internet and cloud markets. Since its inception in the year 2000, Aexus has built up a large network of personal contacts at various enterprises. Particularly in the telecoms, utilities, publishing & media, finance, government, retail, cloud and industry & infra segments. The quality of these contacts ensures that Aexus can quickly penetrate the appropriate accounts with your products, services and solutions – providing you with initial reference customers upon which you can build your future business.

Outsourced Sales Team

  • We are ready to start business development and sales activities for tech companies and software vendors in Europe and the US immediately. We have acted as (an extension to) the sales force of over 500+ vendors of new and innovative software and tech products, services and solutions since the year 2000.
  • Hiring dedicated staff to build and manage your business in Europe and the US is costly, whereas the return on investment is still unknown. Also, training new staff and obtaining the appropriate contacts and market knowledge can be a time and resource consuming process. We help innovative tech and software companies extend their reach into Europe and the US by providing expert, sales outsourcing services. An efficient and effective alternative.

Inbound Marketing

We are a reliable, experienced partner that develops and implements the right marketing policy, using marketing tools that complement and reinforce each other. More leads, optimized conversion rates and a higher turnover, that is our ultimate goal.

Funding and M&A

  • We help innovative companies extend their reach into Europe by providing complete commercial support. Many of the organizations we work with are venture funded. They have received venture capital, which enables them to grow their business fast.
  • We also come across many organizations that have developed great solutions, were able to bring on some interesting clients and have now reached the stage where they are considering external growth financing.
  • Aexus can help you decide what is right for your company, based on the background and ambitions of the founding team, the maturity of the organization and the market situation."

Team & Recognition


Eric Haeken

Managing Director

Eric has in-depth knowledge about business development. Graduated from Economics makes him excellent in the field of business and managing communication with clients. 

Chris Gerretsen


Chris is working with startups and scale-ups helping them become successful in the European and US markets. He has in-dept experience dealing with various types of businesses and their needs. Chris is experienced in the field of sales.

Anna Johansson

Business Development Manager

Anna is responsible for the B2B sales activities for Aexus partners in diverse areas of distribution. Introduction of new and innovative solutions in Europe; Business, sales & marketing planning; Regular training; Sales process and closing deals; and channel development activities.

Honors & Awards


Fabian van ‘t Woudt

Business Development Manager
The team quickly understood our objectives and requirements and they were able to tie this in with the local market opportunities.

Jussi Karelo

I have experienced that the team is very professional, and sales driven.

Joost Jongen

Portfolio Manager
They succeed because they have the right drive, combined with the right techniques and – last but not least – the right story.

Moodi Mahmoudi

Their ability to understand and accommodate the local language, habits, and cultural nuances are important when building up customer relationships.

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We help organizations extend their reach into Europe and the US by providing expert sales for tech companies.

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