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ADG works side-by-side with your team, from market validation and entry, to launching your first solutions in China.

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ADG China

ADG China

Global HQ:


  • 20 years experience
  • 50 Employees
  • 1 Country Served
ADG is a premier business development company dedicated to helping fast growing western technology companies create and execute entry and expansion strategies in the China market. We work with our clients by leveraging our deep network and years of experience to assist them in assessing their prospects in the local market, driving complex commercial and strategic partnerships, executing strategic investments and raising local capital.

Countries Served



Chinese (Mandarin)

Our Work


ADG China

Deep Network

We work with our clients by leveraging our deep network and years of experience to assist them in assessing their prospects in the local market.

Bridging Cultural Differences

Our team are always available to discuss China issues, strategy, culture, market entry options, regulations, or anything else that arises. We will also assist you to understand and manage cultural and communication differences from the West.

Skilled and Experienced

The team is made up of highly skilled and experienced bilingual professionals. Every member of our team deeply understands how to conduct business in China in a way that works for our Western clients and their Chinese customers and partners. 

Industry Expertise


Notable Clients

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Appointment Setting

Reaching the right prospect in China requires local resources, and a deep comprehension of the market. Our team will leverage our database and extended network to engage your target prospects with the right message. ADG will engage the right distributors, resellers, suppliers, and partners to help you sell into China. Note - it's highly recommended to empower AGD to manage the full sales process in this partnership (outsourced sales)...

Outsourced Sales Team

Strategy to boost up sales in China market is unique. We will work hand-in-hand to scale up your sales. We will act as your business sales representative in China market that is responsible for determining strategies, consumers and partners identification, and sales supporting services as well. We handle all at once.

Market Research

We will assist you in identifying possible blockers and opportunities in China market. Our team provides insights about trends and behaviour to consider. We have professional and expert team to handle your go-to-market strategy.

Team & Recognition


David Sullivan

Managing Director

David is a Managing Director of ADG that helps Western technology companies accelerate China growth and value creation. He lived full-time in China from 1997 to 2014 and is now based in Silicon Valley.

Ian Gong

Senior Business Development Manager

Ian is an Experienced Senior Business Development Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

Bob Zhang

Senior Business Development Manager

Bob has mixed background and experience of business and technology. He has 5+ years solid professional experience in TMT industry, industry and company research, strategy development, partnership alliance, Due Diligence, M&A analysis and private equity investment.

Honors & Awards


Meizu's Best Overseas Partner Award



Heini Zachariassen

ADG’s work went beyond our expectations. We can definitely recommend them if you want to get beyond the surface and touch the real dynamics in China.

Ben Gilbey

Regional Head for Mobile
We can pay a global consulting firm a million dollars for a big report or we can hire ADG to identify real deals, walk us into C-level execs, know what each side wants and how to structure it to make it happen.

Seamus Meagher

VP Global Sales
ADG was a great partner and helped us to quickly reach and obtain executive buy-in from leading China partners while closing a major strategic cooperation partnership for us remarkably fast.

Ken Kolderup

Chief Marketing Officer
It’s imperative to have a local presence and trustworthy team to address the China market… ADG provides that and much more.

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ADG works side-by-side with your team, from market validation and entry, to launching your first solutions in China.

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