Ace Biotech Consultant

Each member of our team has an average 10 years' business development experience in the Life-Science industry, we're Asian natives, and are locally based.

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Ace Biotech Consultant

Ace Biotech Consultant

Global HQ:


  • 3 years experience
  • 20 Employees
  • 14 Country Served
Ace Biotech is a multinational business-facilitator company dedicated to Biotech and Medtech SMEs looking for critical leverage and fast-track solutions to break into the fast-growing markets of Asia-Pacific. We are committed to providing you with the best service to help you reach your goals. Whether you want to increase sales leads, access new distributors or suppliers and reduce costs, we will help you sort through the sundries, so you can focus on what you do best - innovating. We provide innovative companies with tailored expansion-strategy support and operational business development solutions - including strategic partner sourcing, business matching and effective distribution-network management spanning across 13 different countries.
Ace Biotech offers outsourced business development and sales services | Revenew

Countries Served

South Korea
Hong Kong


Chinese (Mandarin)

Our Work


Ace Biotech Consultant

Save Time

Searching for, interviewing and monitoring business partners takes time - a lot of it. Ace Biotech sources, identifies, trains and manages your Asian business distribution partners for you with a simple yet major objective: grow your revenues. 

Save Cost

Oftentimes forgotten or overlooked, distribution network development comes at a very high cost in time and money. With Ace Biotech, the investment is clear straight from the beginning. No additional charges, no hidden costs. Just ROI.

Save Troubles

Misunderstandings or miscommunications are very common with overseas partners, especially in Asia. Not only does Ace Biotech Consultant help prevent potentially tricky situations from occurring, they stand by your side at all times and assist you in any way we can.

Industry Expertise


Notable Clients

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Market Research

Ace will design the most suitable strategy for your business to expand into and across Asia Pacific, through the deep market research and analysis required to help you make intelligent business decisions.

Appointment Setting

Connect with trusted partners such as specialized distributors, ODM/OEM, and agents to build your business strategy. We will set appointments for the key partners most fit for your business, so your team can pitch and close strategic partnerships.

Outsourced Sales Team

  • Ace Biotech Consultant will be an extension of your sales team, representing your company locally for meetings, training, special events, and technical assistance
  • We support by crafting contracts and partnership negotiations, linguistics, cultural and legal support, and even translations in your target market(s).

Distribution network management

In your target market, we will help train, coach, and manage your partners closely and help monitor sales to ensure your hit your business goals in your business expansion.

Marketing development

We help in your marketing activities like product adaptation and/or development, SEO optimization, eDM campaigns, SEM and online advertising, and translations. These services will increase your presence and business impact.

Team & Recognition


Antoine Jacquot


Specialized in international trade, Antoine has more than 7 years experience in sales management and 5 years experience in biotech industry. He is armed with extensive worldwide distribution management experience.

Honors & Awards


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Each member of our team has an average 10 years' business development experience in the Life-Science industry, we're Asian natives, and are locally based.

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