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Top rated B2B Lead Generation Services agencies covering Philippines

These partners can help you build pipeline through B2B Lead Generation Services in Philippines

European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines

Global HQ:
  • 57 years experience
  • 25 Employees
  • 5 Country Served

The ECCP as the stepping stone for European businesses to enter the Philippines, and for Filipino businesses to expand into European markets.


Global HQ:
  • 11 years experience
  • 30 Employees
  • 9 Country Served

AccelerAsia is a business development firm that drives the expansion of fast-growing tech companies into Asia Pacific.

Ace Biotech Consultant

Global HQ:
  • 3 years experience
  • 20 Employees
  • 14 Country Served

Each member of our team has an average 10 years' business development experience in the Life-Science industry, we're Asian natives, and are locally based.

Asia Market Entry

Global HQ:
  • 5 years experience
  • 17 Employees
  • 14 Country Served

Our goal is to provide a one-stop-shop for software companies that wish to enter the Asia market and ensure that the process is seamless.


Global HQ:
  • 1 years experience
  • 17 Employees
  • 6 Country Served

Our mission is to create the best remote sales team in the world, who are driven not only by targets but by providing value and personalisation to every touchpoint.

Dezan Shira & Associates

Global HQ:
Hong Kong
  • 29 years experience
  • 500 Employees
  • 15 Country Served

Dezan Shira & Associates is a specialist practice that provides foreign direct investment services for international businesses looking to expand their operations in Asia. They are able to guide clients through Asian familiarization, entry and operations.


Global HQ:
  • 4 years experience
  • 270 Employees
  • 13 Country Served

We provide you with the information, people, techniques, and resources you'll need to execute your lead generation strategy flawlessly. We'll assist you in developing a good lead pipeline approach to pique the interest of your ideal customers.

Lava IP International Pte Ltd

Global HQ:
  • 13 years experience
  • 9 Country Served

Imagine if you or your sales team didn't have to do their own prospecting, and could focus on closing those who actually want to speak to them. That's what we can do for you.

Source of Asia

Global HQ:
  • 14 years experience
  • 45 Employees
  • 7 Country Served

We're your trusted local arm right here in Southeast Asia. Our team will help you validate and activate new markets, building qualified leads and scaling revenues all across the region.

Top rated B2B Lead Generation Services agencies covering Philippines

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Still researching B2B Lead Generation Services in Philippines?

We've put together a few articles on what you need to know when engaging service providers for business development and market intelligence services.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of identifying and potentially attracting prospective customers to your product or service, and then nurturing them down the sales funnel to be your customer. A lead is either someone who has shown interest in your product/service or someone who fits perfectly your ideal customer profile and buyer persona. Since Revenew gives you access to business development service providers, not market agencies, lead generation is a sales-driven effort. Meaning, we are referring to outbound lead generation done through cold-calling and secondary research.

This process of identifying leads and collecting their contact details can be long and arduous, depending on the nature of your target market and the industry of the company you run. If you have a large team with a lot of resources your SDRs may handle the outbound lead generation. Unfortunately, most startups are not able to handle everything in-house and rely on outsourcing such services through lead generation companies.  

At Revenew, our curated network of service providers can help you with the search for your prospective leads in the Philippines. Meaning, you are able to outsource the lead generation to an agency that is an expert in business development. In turn, your account executives will need to reach out and arrange a meeting with the qualified lead, which will hopefully result in securing more deals.

Why outsource outbound lead generation as part of your go-to-market strategy in the Philippines?

Lead generation is the bloodline of every company. Securing a steady stream of qualified leads is directly linked to the revenues you can drive and grow in the Philippines market. Yet, doing that across a variety of new markets, especially markets where you face language barriers or lower internet penetration it can be challenging.

Outsourcing lead generation is helpful for your marketing and sales team to quickly identify and potentially engage the correct qualified leads for your business which leads to decreased sales cycles and if managed well decreased customer acquisition costs.

When going after a new market, it often makes sense to outsource either entirely or partially your lead generation in order to accelerate revenue generation. All you need is to have is clearly defined buyer persona and ideal customer profiles ready. Then, our trusted network of service providers in the Philippines will be able to quickly find those leads for you.

Why lead generation in the Philippines?

The Philippines is an archipelagic market in the Southeast Asian region, alongside Indonesia, and with a population of over 111 million people. Outsourcing B2B lead generation companies and services have become increasingly popular in this market as businesses globally start to see the potential of the Philippine market as an outsourcing destination. This is particularly true because of their strong literacy rate as seen in 91.6% in 2019 and making the country very strategic for content and data-centric work.

With a huge population, it is without a doubt that lead generation and management is a crucial step in your go-to-market strategy. Lead generation at scale is going to be an important step in your company's sales funnel. Hence, while studying the market it may make sense to team up with experts on the ground to help you with outsourced lead generation and other similar business development services in the Philippine market!

Why Revenew?

Expanding into new and unknown markets is not an easy feat and can be complex even for the best-resourced businesses.

Our team puts a lot of effort into finding to most reliable lead generation companies the Philippines. We handle payments to provide another layer of security and also assign a dedicated customer success manager to each project. Given the size of our network and experience of helping more than 150 companies grow revenues across APAC, working with us will decrease the time you spend on navigating the complexities of new markets, especially the Philippine market. In turn, that will help you focus on lead qualification and conversion.

We will be able to help you find the right provider in a matter of hours. In contrast, if you do it yourself, you will struggle to find reliable websites, reviews, what industries the service providers have covered in the past, and other relevant information you may need. The Revenew team has collected all that information and handled the due diligence on your behalf so that you can outsource your outbound lead generation and cold-calling.

‍What kind of companies have you helped in the past?

Because of the nature of our curated network of lead generation companies, we have helped a wide variety of businesses. From small businesses to fast-growing startups and even multi-national corporations.

Here are some verticals we have helped in the past: FinTech, InsurTech, BioTech, SaaS, Cybersecurity, Travel, Hardware, Marketplaces, E-commerce, and many other venture-backed startups.

What type of lead generation services do you offer?

When it comes to lead generation, the process and methodologies of our service providers in the Philippines might differ from company to company. Depending on the industry and complexities of the target market, their methods may even differ from market to market.

As long as you provide a clear buyer persona profile, ideal customer profile, sales cycle, basket size, and unique triggers, our partners will be able to devise either an inbound campaign or an outbound lead generation outreach.

So, whatever your business needs are, we are confident our partners, coupled with their experience and expertise, will provide qualified leads for your business in the Philippine market!

Can you handle international lead generation across multiple countries?

Definitely! Our curated network of lead generation companies consists of regional vendors. In that way, they have specialists across multiple countries. Alternatively, we can match you with several vendors, one in each market that you are planning to test.

What kind of results can we expect by engaging lead generation services?

You can be sure to expect information that is relevant to your target market of expansion such as the size of your market, competitors, growing and hot trends, and most importantly your customers. All that is gathered and analyzed through our service provider network to provide you accurate and real-time information so that you can make confident decisions about your go-to-market strategy.

As it comes to conversion rates, it depends on the industry, the complexity of your model/product, and the service provider itself. So it's hard to give you a number that would work across all scenarios, but we do our best to connect you with the best providers out there.

How do I know which lead generation company is the best for my business?

To help you make educated decisions, we have built profiles for each lead generation company we have partnered with in the Philippines, here on Revenew. Taking a look at those would give you a glimpse at their profile features, previous clients, what kind of verticals they specialize in, and the services they offer. So you could take a browse to see which best fits your business activities, industry, and budget.

But, we know your time is precious. So we also provide a complimentary consultation to help you find the most suitable lead generation company for your case, it won't take more than 15 minutes. At the end of it, you will have a customized list of recommended lead generation companies that are a great fit for your go-to-market strategy in the Philippines. We will do our best to help you generate qualified leads by outsourcing the cold-calling process to an expert.

How does the process of outbound lead generation work at Revenew?

Revenew is a B2B marketplace for business development services, as such, we don't execute the outbound lead generation service ourselves. Instead, we give you access to our network of hundreds of service providers in 16 markets (in Asia alone) to help you with your lead generation needs.

Simply use this platform to browse and discover relevant partners given your model and expectations.

If it's too much work, feel free to connect with us for a complimentary global go-to-market strategy consultation and we will find you the best service provider for you!

Lot's to consider right? We're here to help.

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Still researching B2B Lead Generation Services in Philippines?

We've put together a few articles on what you need to know when engaging service providers for business development and market intelligence services.

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