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Our Story

As a founder, I know how critical it is to grow revenues as quickly as possible. Once we get to any form of PMF (product market fit), it's all about how quickly we can scale - especially if we've raised capital...

Greenhouse.co is our holding company, a startup we launched back in 2017. It's a curated marketplace for corporate services, designed to help scaling businesses source qualified partners (i.e. law firms, tax advisors, and corporate secretaries) to help them expand into new markets. COVID19 closed borders all across APAC, limiting our ability to set up new entities in new markets, elongating time to market.

Suddenly, demand from our customers shifted away from corporate services, and more towards outsourced sales services. Founders realized they don't need to incorporate to drive demand in new markets, and they're right. So we got involved.

We started connecting with outsourced sales agencies all across the globe, to understand their core fields of expertise, how they're structured, how they operate, staff, train, charge, and how we can match them to businesses who'd most benefit from their services.

Revenew.ai is our solution. We've built a curated marketplace for outsourced sales services, helping founders find/engage/hire the most relevant partners to help them source leads and drive revenues. New markets, new revenues... Revenew 😎

Our objective is to help founders scale through trusted and ready-made sales organizations, saving time and money.

Thank you,

Drew Calin

Our network boasts
qualified partners
31 Countries
and 4 continents
Has helped
founders scale into new markets
While maintaining an NPS of
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Drew Calin

Co-founder and CEO
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Viktor Kyosev

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Adam Haluska

Head of Marketing
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Rahul V R

Head of Technology

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